I am furryous

Gremlin and Babaloo

Welcome to my blog. (insert smiley face here to make readers feel welcome.) :). Check.

Despite some technical difficulties and the fact that it is 2:16 am on the night before I am leaving town and I still have to figure out what I owe for my taxes I am launching my first blog.  Call me crazy or the worlds best-est avoider. Or maybe I am simply  someone who wants to write about what I observe in the world and how I feel about it.

Blogs are great.  It is like having my own column.  My own (hopefully) daily, if not bi-weekly, or sometimes random mid-monthly column, depending on how good I am at keep ing this up.

I read very few blogs so there is a good chance I am not doing this right at all, but I really don’t care.  I just want to spew my own stuff out here into cyberspace and maybe some of you will get addicted to the mundane thoughts in my head.  That appeals to me from a very basic, narcissistic, I-was-the-second-middle-child (3rd of four girls) and-really-love-slash-crave-attention standpoint.

So lets start with one of my favorite subjects; my two cats, Babaloo and Gremlin. They are very cute and I love them a lot. I will miss them when I leave town for a few days.  Aren’t they cute?  Babaloo with the light green round eyes is the funny one, the clown, the affectionate little boy. Gremlin with the more traditional slanted yellow eyes is a real beauty.  She likes to look at herself in the mirror and studies me while I am primping in the bathroom.  They are not related but meant to be together.  NOtice how they both have a white patch on their face that curls up on opposite sides.

I was told at work when I first got them that I was not allowed to talk about my cats any more.  I was a new cat mama and totally obsessed.  In my defense I had never had pets before.  Now I have this blog and so will not be boring people at work anymore.  I don’t have that job anymore anyway.  But rest assured people at that job I don’t have anymore that I won’t be boring you with adorable tales (or tails – sweet!) of my two cats, Babaloo and Gremlin.

Thanks for reading.  Now I have to file for extensions on my taxes and pack.


About furryosity

I am a writer, actor, artist and storyteller. I was a stand-up comedian for a bit but gave it up in pursuit of storytelling, a format that is more suited for my rambling communication style. As a child I was afraid of animals probably because my mother was afraid of them messing up the house. Needless to say we never had pets except fish. I won a goldfish at the school fair by throwing a ping pong ball into a little bowl with a fish in it. After this traumatic beginning my goldfish aptly named Poppy would try and pop out of the bowl, which is how she ultimately met her demise. I currently live with two beautiful cats, Babaloo and Gremlin, and a plethora of lamps, couches and nesting tables in my mid-century modern furnished apartment in West Hollywood, California.

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