Don’t Poke Me

When my niece Ellie was only three or four years old she had to go in for some tests at the hospital.  I don’t remember the circumstances but they needed to draw blood and the first time they didn’t get what they needed so they came back for more.  Ellie was very traumatized.  They had to hold her down.  “Don’t poke me!”  She cried. Poor little Ellie.

This is exactly how I feel after being poked on facebook by an ex lover who I recently found out via facebook had a baby.  It’s weird enough to find out via a facebook update that he had a baby.  Where were the updates leading up to this?  Why is this the first I am hearing of this? I had no idea.  You move to east Texas and this is what happens.

But why are you poking me?  Are you trying to impregnate me too via the intertubes? He even commented on his page about all the people he poked. Why is he poking people?

I always think of poking as sort of flirty. It’s just weird to me when friends who are married poke me, let alone friends who just mysteriously had babies out of the blue.  I can’t think of any time a girl poking me.  Aren’t pokes all about flirting?  Am I wrong?

He has been constantly posting updates on the baby and even set up a facebook page for the baby, which is where I found out who the mother of said baby is.  But my ex lover did not make any remarks on his own page about her.  I have no idea why his acknowledgement is so lax for the mom. “Was she just another seed sack for you?”  I want to ask him.  I am curious but dare not ask just what is going on or what their relationship is.  I know what happened.  They did it ten months ago ’cause the baby is now a month old.

I guess he and I have been out of touch.  But is he now trying to flirt with me even though he has a little itty baby?

Don’t poke me!  It’s WEIRD.


About furryosity

I am a writer, actor, artist and storyteller. I was a stand-up comedian for a bit but gave it up in pursuit of storytelling, a format that is more suited for my rambling communication style. As a child I was afraid of animals probably because my mother was afraid of them messing up the house. Needless to say we never had pets except fish. I won a goldfish at the school fair by throwing a ping pong ball into a little bowl with a fish in it. After this traumatic beginning my goldfish aptly named Poppy would try and pop out of the bowl, which is how she ultimately met her demise. I currently live with two beautiful cats, Babaloo and Gremlin, and a plethora of lamps, couches and nesting tables in my mid-century modern furnished apartment in West Hollywood, California.

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