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Broadway Baby

One of my friends and fellow performers from my high school theatre days is making his Broadway debut this week.  It’s very exciting!  I once dreamt of being on Broadway, and I still do, though not so much as a performer but as a writer.  I went to Northwestern University.  A few writers I knew from there have been produced on Broadway.  Bruce Norris, John Logan. John Cameron Mitchell created Hedwig and The Angry Inch which i believe was Off Broadway.  John and I were classmates together.  He and I used to workout together.  We were the same size.  Our wrists and forearms measured exactly the same. I have lost touch with John but fondly remember our days together in writing workshop and acting class when we were kindred spirits for a short while. He gave me a writing book for my 21st birthday, Eudora Welty’s One Writer’s Beginnings.  It meant a lot to me and still does.  He is one of the first people to acknowledge me as a writer.

And this brings me to present day.  I need to write more and feed that monster, the writer in me. Writing is one of my greater gifts, so why deny it.?  I must keep writing.

There is more to say on this matter, of course, like the memory of my first trip to New York in High School and subsequent trips in college and after when I dated a writer from Saturday Night Live.  But I kind of just want to get off this blog and write Barbie’s Cousin the musical right now.  Right now!


Art-A-Day Update and More

gwen partin

Over a month has passed since my last Art-A-Day project post. I have had good response on the Facebook posts. People like, comment, etc. I’m tracking the likes and comments and plan to do a “best of” type of entry at some point – definitely at the end of the year.

As I draw every day, even though it may not seem like it to the outsider, I am exploring ideas for larger work. The sketches I am doing for the Art-A-Day are generally 6×9. These are only part of what I plan to work out in a larger format of up to 30×40 inches.

I have been studying textile design for a number of years and though I have made some work related to this, I have not exhausted my interest. From the library where I work at Dakota County Technical College, they often have book discards. These are…

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