dear curator of broken hearts

My then boyfriend Bob gave me $100 to buy a cool mirror at a swap meet and I came back with this lovely antique mirror, but he was writing and didn’t want to acknowledge the purchase at the time. It is typical of our relationship; I would bring home beautiful treats and he would ignore them, and me. He didn’t give me the same moral support as a creative artist that I gave him. He was ambitious and on the rise with his own career and it served him well; he has won two writing Emmys when we were together and now produces and stars in a hit TV show for which he has been nominated for two best actor Emmys and a Golden Globe.

This mirror is the only thing I kept after we broke up. It is a beautiful antique mirror in excellent condition with carved wooden frame in a rose pattern. I have tried to sell it periodically over the years without success, possibly because it is really difficult to photograph without getting in the picture. Beautiful as it is, it’s very heavy and old fashioned and not my style anymore. I was tempted to throw it over the balcony a few times but was afraid of breaking it and bringing myself more bad luck. I don’t want this final reminder of our imbalanced Hollywood relationship, so I am donating it to your museum. Here is my Craigslist ad for when I was still trying to sell it:

Gorgeous Antique Mirror

Carved wood frame in roses motif
Heavy and solid, very good vintage condition
Can be hung or leaned against a wall

Great for over a fireplace or dresser or as a full length mirror
32 1/2″ x 46 1/2″
$100 Reduced $75 REDUCED! $50 OBO Or Best Offer

key words: shabby chic, mid-century, antique, Anthropologie, Hollywood Regency, vintage, I want to go Danish Modern instead, my boyfriend never appreciated me for who I really am, he is famous now and I am not, I’m not bitter at all, please take this mirror it’s too nice for me to just give it away or leave on the curb, I don’t want seven more years of bad luck if it breaks when I leave it on the curb, this mirror is heavy and old fashioned, this mirror is not my style and no longer works for me kind of like the sad heavy memory of that relationship that didn’t work out, please take this mirror, I have tried so many times to get rid of this mirror, it’s the one piece of baggage I am having a really hard time getting rid of, I wonder if it’s haunted with someone’s soul because it has been really hard to get rid of, I even gave it to my neighbor once who gave it back to me when he went through a similar sad break-up when his girlfriend left him after getting hired to write on a television series, I’m lying I asked for it back from him before he moved out, perhaps this mirror is the reason I am still single living with two cats, maybe there is money in the frame and that could be incentive for you to take this mirror I don’t know I haven’t checked but it’s worth a try, please relieve me of the pain of the past and give me $75 for this mirror.

HEAVY! Please be willing to carry it down one flight of stairs because I just don’t have the strength to carry the weight of the baggage of my past relationship.

I suggest you have a car big enough to hold the size of the pain of my break-up and bring a friend to help you because I simply cannot give any more effort to this.


I donate this mirror to the Museum of Broken Relationships so others can look at it and see who they are today; brave, beautiful survivors of their past hurts, and also because I can’t seem to sell it and it’s just too pretty to leave on the curb.


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  1. Great post, Claire! I’d love to get a look at that mirror…

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