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The Key to my Car-ma

I am being  mocked.  Mocked, I say.  Mocked.

I came to the palisades yesterday for three weeks of bliss by the sea.  I got here in record time despite all the carmageddon worries.  Fastest return up the 5 from OC ever!   Getting to the Palisades from Weho was equally dreamy.  The 405 opened 18 hours early.  I was tempted to drive it since it would be basically traffic free, but I was equally eager to unload the car, get the cats settled, and hop in the pool.

While unloading things in the kitchen I heard the garage door open and found the lady who was checking in on the cats here.  She didn’t know I was coming early.  Somewhere in the time she showed up and left I lost track of my keys.  I remember thinking oh I should put them near the door or on the kitchen table.  Then I forgot about the keys after my car was unpacked and I went in the pool.

Either my car automatically locks after a certain period of time (I hope not!) or I managed to lock the car with the remote which would mean the keys are somewhere in the house.  It’s a big house and I have looked everywhere, including the recycling I took out and the fridge (it’s happened before) and every empty top drawer in every room. I dumped out my purse about three times, computer bag twice, and looked through all my trader joes bags of supplies i brought with me.

This is all pay back I see for making fun of a facebook freind earlier today who announced she had lost her keys.  “Did you leave them in the door?”  I commented, snidely.  I’ve done that, I admit.  My comment sparked an entire slew of comments from friends saying they thought that was something she would do.  I felt smug and glad it wasnt me. Apparently I smirked to myself too soon.

At nearly ten pm  the AAA guy came and opened my car door, with thirty seconds of alarm going off,
but i could not turn off the alarm without the key.  And my spare is all the way in weho.  I really hope you can’t set the alrm without the remote.  But some alarms set after a certain period of time regardless of whether you pushed the button or not.  Oh dear.  If those keys are in the trunk I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

I just knew such breezy traffic during carmageddon was too good to be true. Now I have to – gasp – take the bus all the way to WeHo!  The bus!

‎3:12 pm key update 7/19/11

Bad news: The keys weren’t in the trunk of my car and I still can’t find them.

Good news: I didn’t have to take the bus to get the spare set, thanks to another lucky friend’s generosity who also lives in weho and is housesitting in the palisades.

Bad news: Though I thouroughly checked the trash I took out they may have been in the trash that was collected this morning.  Yikes!

Good news: I thouroughly checked the recycling in lieu of it going out today. It will go out next week.

Bad news:  I still cannot find these keys.

Good news:  At least I have keys and can lock my car tonight.

3:32 pm Tuesday 7/19/11
I FOUND MY KEYS!  They were on the lawn – must have dropped them when chasing after Puppet the tricky little black kitten before she ran into the street.  They smell like lawn, but the car key still works and Puppet is still alive so all is well with the world.  PHEW!

Feline Furryous

Babaloo and Gremlin

The guilty ones

For those of you who know me you know I love a good bargain almost as much as I love mid-century modern design.  So imagine my utter glee at finding a five-piece mid-century modern sofa in beautiful cream upholstery right off the truck at my local Salvation Army store.  The only flaws were a little discoloration to the upholstery which I easily cleaned up with carpet cleaner.  I imagine it was covered in plastic at one point by some very stylish and careful, bossy even 1950’s housewife who sent it to the garage and covered it in plastic when it went out of style, and the markings are simply from the move in the truck.  People used to take better care of their furniture, and it was made better too.  Good fortune and a life long swap meet shoppers intuition brought this gorgeous sectional to me just when I really needed it even though I didn’t need it, really.  Whatever.  I wanted it badly and there it was.  I can’t believe my luck sometimes.

The cost was 300, a good price for such a lovely quintet of two triangle upholstered side tables topped with wood style formica and a couch that consists of two love seat sectionals and an armless chair.  Yet I was contemplating the price along with the size and how to move it and what to do with my current sofa sectional of pink vinyl when another savvy shopper pointed out to me that today everything was half off.  150!  OMG!  I had to have it!

I currently have the two side triangles together as a corner table with the remaining three pieces forming one bad ass super long couch, but I imagine this arrangement will transform many times over the years.  This couch was just the solution to go with my orange mid-century mod still life painting that was clashing with my pink vinyl fifties sectional. I love a good sectional and have relegated the pink one to the other side of the room where it no longer clashes with the orange painting and resides under my black velvet matador painting and a pink guitar. Beauty and flexibility!  Ahhh, bliss!

I think the five-piece sectional is actually worth a lot more than 300 in resale.  I bet I could get double that, or even 800 which a vintage furniture store would then again resell for maybe as much as 1200.  To think I got it for 150!  That comes to only 30 dollars per piece!  AMAZING. Not only that I moved it for free in two trips in my convertible Beetle and my neighbor helped me drag the pieces upstairs.  Oh the joy, the rapture, the ecstasy of brilliant find combined with great deal!

But guess what?  Babaloo and Gremlin love it too, and have been expressing their ecstasy over and over in using the side arms as scratching posts.  They must have a lot of built up tension having never had sex being two neutered rescue cats.  So much for owning an 800 dollar sofa.  It’s now worth more like 150.

Nothing to be done, and I am not getting rid of either the cats or the couch.  We will all just have to live together, flaws and all.

That is what Feline Furryous is all about.

I am furryous

Gremlin and Babaloo

Welcome to my blog. (insert smiley face here to make readers feel welcome.) :). Check.

Despite some technical difficulties and the fact that it is 2:16 am on the night before I am leaving town and I still have to figure out what I owe for my taxes I am launching my first blog.  Call me crazy or the worlds best-est avoider. Or maybe I am simply  someone who wants to write about what I observe in the world and how I feel about it.

Blogs are great.  It is like having my own column.  My own (hopefully) daily, if not bi-weekly, or sometimes random mid-monthly column, depending on how good I am at keep ing this up.

I read very few blogs so there is a good chance I am not doing this right at all, but I really don’t care.  I just want to spew my own stuff out here into cyberspace and maybe some of you will get addicted to the mundane thoughts in my head.  That appeals to me from a very basic, narcissistic, I-was-the-second-middle-child (3rd of four girls) and-really-love-slash-crave-attention standpoint.

So lets start with one of my favorite subjects; my two cats, Babaloo and Gremlin. They are very cute and I love them a lot. I will miss them when I leave town for a few days.  Aren’t they cute?  Babaloo with the light green round eyes is the funny one, the clown, the affectionate little boy. Gremlin with the more traditional slanted yellow eyes is a real beauty.  She likes to look at herself in the mirror and studies me while I am primping in the bathroom.  They are not related but meant to be together.  NOtice how they both have a white patch on their face that curls up on opposite sides.

I was told at work when I first got them that I was not allowed to talk about my cats any more.  I was a new cat mama and totally obsessed.  In my defense I had never had pets before.  Now I have this blog and so will not be boring people at work anymore.  I don’t have that job anymore anyway.  But rest assured people at that job I don’t have anymore that I won’t be boring you with adorable tales (or tails – sweet!) of my two cats, Babaloo and Gremlin.

Thanks for reading.  Now I have to file for extensions on my taxes and pack.