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Broadway Baby

One of my friends and fellow performers from my high school theatre days is making his Broadway debut this week.  It’s very exciting!  I once dreamt of being on Broadway, and I still do, though not so much as a performer but as a writer.  I went to Northwestern University.  A few writers I knew from there have been produced on Broadway.  Bruce Norris, John Logan. John Cameron Mitchell created Hedwig and The Angry Inch which i believe was Off Broadway.  John and I were classmates together.  He and I used to workout together.  We were the same size.  Our wrists and forearms measured exactly the same. I have lost touch with John but fondly remember our days together in writing workshop and acting class when we were kindred spirits for a short while. He gave me a writing book for my 21st birthday, Eudora Welty’s One Writer’s Beginnings.  It meant a lot to me and still does.  He is one of the first people to acknowledge me as a writer.

And this brings me to present day.  I need to write more and feed that monster, the writer in me. Writing is one of my greater gifts, so why deny it.?  I must keep writing.

There is more to say on this matter, of course, like the memory of my first trip to New York in High School and subsequent trips in college and after when I dated a writer from Saturday Night Live.  But I kind of just want to get off this blog and write Barbie’s Cousin the musical right now.  Right now!


default theme song for when someone plants a song in your brain

Damn I wish I had a good default song. You know how it goes, someone inadvertently ruins your day by saying something selfish and stupid along the lines of “I can’t get this horrible Milli Vanilli song out of my head!”  Then you spend the rest of the day trying to get said Milli Vanilli song out of YOUR head. Okay I don’t know any Milli Vanilli songs. But you get the idea.

The key to having a default song is it has to be something you don’t mind playing over and over in your head. Like anything Rolling Stones, Blondie, or Dylan.

I advise against Abba songs.

I love Abba and they are my favorite band to clean my house to, but any one of their songs OVER AND OVER can be trying. I dare you to find an Abba song that over and over wouldn’t be horrible. I know Muriel (in Muriel’s Wedding) listens to “Dancing Queen” over and over, but she was disturbed and came from a broken home, besides being Australian at the time. To wit she rejected the super hot olympic swimmer she had married. What, was she insane? Nah. He was maybe gay. And maybe she was too. She ended up with her super hot roommate played by Rachel Griffiths. Were they more than friends? Who knows.  We never got a sequel.

But I diverse.

I take back Dylan too. “Tangled up in Blue” could be very annoying to hear over and over in your head, especially if you get the totally weirded out unrecognizable version from the late 90’s.  I went to a concert of his on a triple bill with Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison at Anaheim Stadium in 1998.  Great concert! But my date got me stoned and the whole stadium was pulsating.  Please note getting stoned is not my usual drug of choice (more like wine and/or tv) so I was put off guard.  I did love Dylan’s look in the white suit, but trying to remember lyrics to that or any Dylan song will forever be tangled up for me.

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,”  though a great tune to crank out if they ever ask you at an audition last minute to sing, is a very bad choice for a default song.

I think the next time someone plants a song in my brain (like Alex has done to me via her  facebook status with the Beck lyrics “Two turntables and a microphone”) I will stick with my faithful standby of “Call Me” by Blondie. It makes me think of the movie American Gigolo and how cute Richard Gere was then. It also reminds me of senior year in high school and ditching school to go to the beach. Yes, I am older than you think.  Wish I could remember more than “Call me!  On the line, call me, call me any any time.  Call me!  I love (something something) …. when you’re ready we can share the wine.  Call me.”

I am going to my high school reunion next week and am more than a little freaked out. I can and cannot think back that far.   I hope they play some Blondie.  That will help bring me back.  Blondie, The Go Go’s, Stones, David Bowie, Bruce and Oingo Boingo.

I bet any of them has some good default songs.

What’s YOUR default song?  Mind if I steal it? I am sick of “Call me” already.

Meltdown Town

My laptop is having problems.  I keep getting the swirly beach ball.  My time machine won’t back up and hasn’t since Nov 17.  I take my laptop, a macbook pro purchased less than two years ago, to the so- called genius bar at the apple store.  I call the genius bar the kiss and cry area of the store.  You go there and either they press a button and run a quick test and declare your computer is perfect now, or you go and after much conferencing with several crew members mumbling mumbo jumbo you cannot interpret they say, “Oh, yeah, your hard drive isn’t even starting with our handy gadget here (or something more important sounding.) You have a problem.”  In the case of my macbook pro after running several tests my genius guy gave me this validating news. “The good news is you’re not crazy.  There definitely is something wrong with your computer.”  Oh happy day.  Could you pass this info on to all my ex-boyfriends, the part where you mention I’m not crazy?

“What does this mean?” I stupidly ask.  My genius looks at me like, “Duh.  It means there is something wrong with your computer, and even though I am called a genius here at the apple store i am not smart enough to figure this out but I am not going to give you the pleasure of hearing my internal thoughts on my self esteem issues.”

Instead my genius guy says “I suggest an erase and reinstall.”

Gasp. ERASE AND REINSTALL!  It’s soooo…. drastic.

“But can’t we reinstall the software and have you do it this time.  Like you said, I may have messed it up.”  I beg, adding hopefully, “Maybe it has to do with my new three in one printer since it kept crashing when I was trying to use the scanner. How about you show me how to unistall that?”  And, desperate now,  “Can I buy one of your half tera drives and back it up right here and have you fix it today?”

My genius guy, somewhat testy now and you can tell because he is smiling, “Look that’s gonna take at least an hour and a half. The truth is we could try fifty different things, but an erase and reinstall would solve the issues.  All you have to do is back it up, and bring it back.”  “To this location?” “Try and do it within the week.  I’ve already ordered the parts.”

I was so depressed I didn’t even want to buy shoes with my Macy’s coupon. I didn’t even want to buy shoes.

This was over two weeks ago.

The problem is my time machine isn’t working and I couldn’t get the external hard drive I bought at target to work either. I cannot back up, and I cannot move forward until I back up. I have reached a proverbial brick wall. I know, I know, I should just call apple care, but those people make me feel stupid.  They keep me on the phone forever and have me redo things I already did.  As much as I love my new android phone I don’t love it enough to be on it all day with apple care.

I can’t help thinking that the time machine not working relates to my upcoming high school reunion. With the help of my failing electronics I have reverted back to a time before laptops and androids and cell phones and even answering machines to a land that time forgot; the 1980’s.

In addition to my scanner issues, the time machine and the swirly beach ball, my iPad has totally died on me. Maybe it’s just as well.  I’ll get a new one.  This will be a relief since everytime someone sees my iPad they ask me “Is it the new one?”  Every time.  I am tired of defending it. “Really I only got it seven months ago.” So embarrassing.

My first generation iPad is like an old boyfriend now and I am bored with him.   I want the new one where you can edit your iMovies on it and it has an app for the track dimmers.   The new iPad is slimmer and more cool and comes in different colors and drives a baby blue camero.

It’s a holiday weekend and none of this will be dealt with until next week.  Let’s hope my android holds up, because it may be my only link to 2011 for now.