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The Key to my Car-ma

I am being  mocked.  Mocked, I say.  Mocked.

I came to the palisades yesterday for three weeks of bliss by the sea.  I got here in record time despite all the carmageddon worries.  Fastest return up the 5 from OC ever!   Getting to the Palisades from Weho was equally dreamy.  The 405 opened 18 hours early.  I was tempted to drive it since it would be basically traffic free, but I was equally eager to unload the car, get the cats settled, and hop in the pool.

While unloading things in the kitchen I heard the garage door open and found the lady who was checking in on the cats here.  She didn’t know I was coming early.  Somewhere in the time she showed up and left I lost track of my keys.  I remember thinking oh I should put them near the door or on the kitchen table.  Then I forgot about the keys after my car was unpacked and I went in the pool.

Either my car automatically locks after a certain period of time (I hope not!) or I managed to lock the car with the remote which would mean the keys are somewhere in the house.  It’s a big house and I have looked everywhere, including the recycling I took out and the fridge (it’s happened before) and every empty top drawer in every room. I dumped out my purse about three times, computer bag twice, and looked through all my trader joes bags of supplies i brought with me.

This is all pay back I see for making fun of a facebook freind earlier today who announced she had lost her keys.  “Did you leave them in the door?”  I commented, snidely.  I’ve done that, I admit.  My comment sparked an entire slew of comments from friends saying they thought that was something she would do.  I felt smug and glad it wasnt me. Apparently I smirked to myself too soon.

At nearly ten pm  the AAA guy came and opened my car door, with thirty seconds of alarm going off,
but i could not turn off the alarm without the key.  And my spare is all the way in weho.  I really hope you can’t set the alrm without the remote.  But some alarms set after a certain period of time regardless of whether you pushed the button or not.  Oh dear.  If those keys are in the trunk I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

I just knew such breezy traffic during carmageddon was too good to be true. Now I have to – gasp – take the bus all the way to WeHo!  The bus!

‎3:12 pm key update 7/19/11

Bad news: The keys weren’t in the trunk of my car and I still can’t find them.

Good news: I didn’t have to take the bus to get the spare set, thanks to another lucky friend’s generosity who also lives in weho and is housesitting in the palisades.

Bad news: Though I thouroughly checked the trash I took out they may have been in the trash that was collected this morning.  Yikes!

Good news: I thouroughly checked the recycling in lieu of it going out today. It will go out next week.

Bad news:  I still cannot find these keys.

Good news:  At least I have keys and can lock my car tonight.

3:32 pm Tuesday 7/19/11
I FOUND MY KEYS!  They were on the lawn – must have dropped them when chasing after Puppet the tricky little black kitten before she ran into the street.  They smell like lawn, but the car key still works and Puppet is still alive so all is well with the world.  PHEW!


take me to your leader or take me off your list

People are mean and stupid. I just got yet another email from someone who has repeatedly sent me invites via emailing a list he has not bcc’d. It is the same person who has the audacity to hide the invite list on an evite. Doesn’t he know that I need to know who is coming on your evite because we were part of a theatre company where I dated and broke up with some of those people? And the not bcc-ing the list on a regular email invites all sorts of replies i get caught up in for an event i wasn’t going to go to in the first place because a) i don’t want to run into any ex-boyfriends without knowing if they are bringing a guest and b) I am pissed that the list was sent out not bcc’d, inviting all sorts of spamola.

Learn your invite etiquette, people.

And while we are at it, who thought it would be a good idea to see other friend’s events prominently placed in the right hand margin on my facebook page? Way to go to make me feel left out!

I hate technology. I am never leaving my house or going to another party ever again. Meanwhile I am waging war on the non bcc-ers.  And changing all my passwords, email addresses and names. Go ahead, call me petty and paranoid.  Just don’t invite me without giving me the semblance of control over how I handle your invite. The fact is we’re NOT all friends.

Sorry to be the bitter one, but there you have it.

UPDATE! The person has now made their extensive email list bcc.  Thanks.  NOt sure if he read this but if he did its all proof to the effectiveness of blogging your fury!

Meltdown Town

My laptop is having problems.  I keep getting the swirly beach ball.  My time machine won’t back up and hasn’t since Nov 17.  I take my laptop, a macbook pro purchased less than two years ago, to the so- called genius bar at the apple store.  I call the genius bar the kiss and cry area of the store.  You go there and either they press a button and run a quick test and declare your computer is perfect now, or you go and after much conferencing with several crew members mumbling mumbo jumbo you cannot interpret they say, “Oh, yeah, your hard drive isn’t even starting with our handy gadget here (or something more important sounding.) You have a problem.”  In the case of my macbook pro after running several tests my genius guy gave me this validating news. “The good news is you’re not crazy.  There definitely is something wrong with your computer.”  Oh happy day.  Could you pass this info on to all my ex-boyfriends, the part where you mention I’m not crazy?

“What does this mean?” I stupidly ask.  My genius looks at me like, “Duh.  It means there is something wrong with your computer, and even though I am called a genius here at the apple store i am not smart enough to figure this out but I am not going to give you the pleasure of hearing my internal thoughts on my self esteem issues.”

Instead my genius guy says “I suggest an erase and reinstall.”

Gasp. ERASE AND REINSTALL!  It’s soooo…. drastic.

“But can’t we reinstall the software and have you do it this time.  Like you said, I may have messed it up.”  I beg, adding hopefully, “Maybe it has to do with my new three in one printer since it kept crashing when I was trying to use the scanner. How about you show me how to unistall that?”  And, desperate now,  “Can I buy one of your half tera drives and back it up right here and have you fix it today?”

My genius guy, somewhat testy now and you can tell because he is smiling, “Look that’s gonna take at least an hour and a half. The truth is we could try fifty different things, but an erase and reinstall would solve the issues.  All you have to do is back it up, and bring it back.”  “To this location?” “Try and do it within the week.  I’ve already ordered the parts.”

I was so depressed I didn’t even want to buy shoes with my Macy’s coupon. I didn’t even want to buy shoes.

This was over two weeks ago.

The problem is my time machine isn’t working and I couldn’t get the external hard drive I bought at target to work either. I cannot back up, and I cannot move forward until I back up. I have reached a proverbial brick wall. I know, I know, I should just call apple care, but those people make me feel stupid.  They keep me on the phone forever and have me redo things I already did.  As much as I love my new android phone I don’t love it enough to be on it all day with apple care.

I can’t help thinking that the time machine not working relates to my upcoming high school reunion. With the help of my failing electronics I have reverted back to a time before laptops and androids and cell phones and even answering machines to a land that time forgot; the 1980’s.

In addition to my scanner issues, the time machine and the swirly beach ball, my iPad has totally died on me. Maybe it’s just as well.  I’ll get a new one.  This will be a relief since everytime someone sees my iPad they ask me “Is it the new one?”  Every time.  I am tired of defending it. “Really I only got it seven months ago.” So embarrassing.

My first generation iPad is like an old boyfriend now and I am bored with him.   I want the new one where you can edit your iMovies on it and it has an app for the track dimmers.   The new iPad is slimmer and more cool and comes in different colors and drives a baby blue camero.

It’s a holiday weekend and none of this will be dealt with until next week.  Let’s hope my android holds up, because it may be my only link to 2011 for now.